Radiology, Nuclear, & Medicine

The Radiology, Nuclear Medicine & Laboratory Center (RNMLC) is one of the bulwarks of YIACO MEDICAL Company (YIACO) whose vision is to serve as the focal point in healthcare services in Kuwait by dedicating itself to excellence, innovation and professionalism. YIACO itself is fully committed to the modern healthcare system in Kuwait and abroad. In view of this commitment, it utilizes the privilege of delivering intelligent and economic solutions to the medical profession and the public through RNMLC.

RNMLC, as part of YIACO, has been awarded with the prestigious certificate ISO 9001: 2008 in recognition of its high quality service management systems. Since its establishment in 2005, RNMLC has been fully committed to offering unparalleled diagnostic services. Heretofore, it has ensured and maintained the reliability of its overall performance by implementing quality assurance measures for which it has also been awarded with ISO 9001:2000 certificate on July 2007.

Radiology, Nuclear Medicine & Laboratory Center

RNMLC services include routine as well as esoteric testing in all areas of Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Clinical Laboratory using the most advanced equipment and with complete computerized operation.
It has also recruited a team of highly qualified and certified specialists, medical technologists and healthcare professionals dedicated to provide the highest quality diagnostic and patient care services in an efficient and helpful manner.

To assure accuracy and reliability of patient test results, monitor and evaluate the quality of its analytical testing methods, RNMLC has established and maintained written quality control policies and procedures as part of its total QC program, and participated in both national and international quality programs such as College of American Pathologist (CAP).

RNMLC highlights its major services as follows:


RNMLC is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art machines which provide world-class images and put it at par with the best and most advanced in the world. All necessary facilities for patient care and comfort are available. The centre has highly trained technologists and doctors, to offer prompt services and accurate results. The staff are licensed by the Ministry of Health to work in the centre.


It is equipped with two digital DUAL HEAD GAMMA CAMERAS. These machines are the latest and comparable to the best in the world. It is also equipped with a Cardiac Stress Test Lab, Hematology Lab and Thyroid Clinic. Nuclear Medicines are able to provide answers to many complex disorders affecting the body.


RNMLC has the most sophisticated laboratories in the Middle East region which are capable of handling heavy loads of samples with utmost accuracy and efficacy. All the labs are fully automated managed by highly skilled and efficient technicians. They have developed perfection in the proper handling and preparation of the biological samples. They operate and maintain sophisticated computerized laboratory equipment as well as diagnostic equipment using LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems). All the tests are quality controlled with the labs operating in a disciplined and sterile ambience.

Also, it offers supervised, certified, customized competence training programs that serve to maintain, develop, and increase the knowledge, skills, and professional performance required to successfully practice in today’s high demanding environment of clinical laboratories.