Yiaco Medical Center

YIACO Medical Center (YAMC) was established in the year 2005 and is located in Salmiya, Kuwait. It is well-known in the community and reputed to be one of the leading healthcare providers in the country due to its commitment of delivering quality service at an affordable cost.

Likewise, it is one of the stalwarts of YIACO MEDICAL COMPANY (YIACO) whose vision is to serve as the focal point in healthcare services in Kuwait by dedicating itself to excellence, innovation and professionalism. YIACO itself is fully committed to the modern healthcare system in Kuwait and abroad. In view of this commitment, it utilizes the privilege of delivering intelligent and economic solutions to the medical profession and the public through YMC.

Serving YMC’s patients is a team of dedicated, highly qualified and experienced doctors who are specialists in their respective fields of medicine. The medical team, with the support of modern and sophisticated equipment and technology, ensures the delivery of a comprehensive medical care for the entire family. YMC’s medical professionals are always ready and bound to serve from the moment the patients walk into its premises.

Among the services provided by YMC are the following:

1. Dental

YMC uses modern equipment and materials in providing a wide range of dental procedures like orthodontics (braces for irregular and protruding teeth and jaws), crown and bridge work, root canal treatment, removing partial and complete dentures, restoration of teeth, dental amalgam, extraction of teeth, scaling and polishing, treatment of gums, bleaching of teeth and minor oral surgical procedures.

2. Dermatology, Laser and Beauty Clinic

YMC has modern and computerized facilities for dermatology and beauty therapy intended for the treatment of all acute and chronic skin problems like cases of pimples, skin allergies, psoriasis, vitiligo, pigmentation and blistering disorders. Specialised care is available for all hair and nail disorders and for sexually transmitted diseases.

Latest machines for skin growth, warts and tag removals, chemical peeling, crystal peeling, cryotherapy, skin care and facial rejuvenation are available and expert care is provided for performing all these procedures under one roof.

Mesotherapy is performed with the latest medicines, along with the stem cells for solutions of thinning hair and hair loss, face glow, stretch marks and cellulite loss.

Botox treatments are performed for wrinkles and unwanted underarm, palm and foot sweating. At the same time, we are doing the soft tissue augmentation with the high quality dermal fillers for the static wrinkles over the face.

Laser treatments are also done for hair removal, hair growing, skin tightening, pigmentation, peels and skin scars. The Center is using the latest FDA approved machines. For instance, hair removal utilizes the state of the art and FDA approved Nd – YAG. On the other hand, Alexandrite lasers are used for a comfortable treatment session because of its latest cooling technology.

3. Internal Medicine

YMC offers a wide range of services for the day-to-day health care needs; namely; Primary Care, Screening Tests, Preventive Guidance, Pre-marriage counseling and Tests.

Diagnosis & Treatment

Treatment of infectious diseases like acute and chronic tonsillitis, Bronchitis, Pneumonitis, Genitourinary infections, Gastrointestinal and abdominal infections. Medical Management of Asthma / peptic ulcer disease/ I.B.S, Migraine, Kidney Stones/Joint Pains etc.

Treatment of simple surgical cases – wound dressing, abscess and hemorrhoids etc.

Annual health checkups / pre employment examinations/ health education.

Treatment of Diabetes / Hypertension /Hypothyroidism.

Treatment of Endocrine Diseases like thyroid illnesses.

Treating high cholesterol, high uric acid and joint pains.

Kidney and liver related problems

4. Cardiology

YMC has facilities for ECG, Stress Test, Echocardiography, Cardiac Doppler Studies.

The various services offered are: Treatment of hypertension & heart related illnesses, General Health Check, Executive Health Check, Comprehensive and Preventive Heart check, Comprehensive Hypertension & Diabetic care. The Health Checks include The Master Health Check, The Well Women Health check and the Child Health Check.

The Executive Health Check includes the Treadmill Stress Test and Echocardiogram.

5. Laboratory Services

YMC has highly trained laboratory staff and modern equipment for Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, Serology, Microbiology and Hormonal assays. It has the latest equipment for automatic clinical chemistry analyzer, hormone analyzers, blood cell counters.

It utilizes electronic data transfer process for faster reporting and implements Quality control for reliability.

6. Obstetrics & Gynecology

YMC offers various services in Antenatal care, Preconception, High risk pregnancy, Infertility, Birth spacing, Well woman check up, Obstetrics & Gynecological Ultrasound and Endocrine & Menopausal clinic and Laparoscopy and specialized clinics like Ultrasound, Doppler and fetal monitoring.

7. Pediatrics

YMC’s Pediatrics is specially designed and well-equipped to provide comprehensive care for children from infancy to adolescence. Its medical experts excel in neonatology, perinatology growth and development, asthma and respiratory disorders and common childhood diseases.

The clinic consists of consulting chambers, examination rooms, specialized clinic room, treatment room, Observation rooms, Nebulization and Counseling areas. It also has a play room for children and waiting place with wide variety of health education materials.

Apart from the general consultation in Pediatrics, it also runs the following specialized clinic:

Asthma & Allergy clinic which includes the clinical and laboratory diagnosis of asthmatic children, nebulization and inhaler techniques and long term control of asthma.

Well baby follow up clinic from the neonatal period up to 1 year of age. Obesity and Nutrition Clinic.

Immunization clinic for Chicken pox, hepatitis, Flu and other vaccines and also advice regarding the specialized preventive vaccines.

8. Radiology

YMC provides a complete range of diagnostic radiology services like:

X ray unit- Radiographs of all bones and joints.

CT Scan for Brain, Paranasal sinus, neck, chest, abdomen and spinal CT.

Mammography and sonomammography.

Ultrasound Abdomen, Pelvis, Thyroid , scrotum and neck.

Brain ultrasound for the neonates

Hip ultrasound for Congenital dislocation of hip

Doppler services- color Doppler ultrasound for veins and arteries.

Dental Radiology unit for dental X-ray and Panoramic X-rays.