Chairman’s Message

Dear Valued Guest,

I would like to welcome you to the official website of YIACO Medical Company, and thank you for your continuous support in fulfilling our path towards providing innovative solutions and advancements to the healthcare industry in Kuwait. Since its inception in 1953, YIACO continues to successfully cater to both governmental and private sectors through its network of services aspiring for community well-being. The company consists of three main business units within the pharmaceuticals, medical and dental equipment division, as well as medical centers and a pharmacy chain; which are all led by a team of dedicated professionals who have persistently strived towards providing the best quality of healthcare services to the industry, and the rewarding efforts are being reflected across the partners, stakeholders and employees.

In line with our new strategy, YIACO continues to encourage open communication and transparency across all our divisions, as well as place further emphasis on our corporate values and work ethics that highlight respect, teamwork, and business conduct that is ethical and customer focused. We have also been successful in our work and projects with both the Ministry of Health and the private sector. We are greatly honored to be partners of multinational companies, who have helped us provide the best quality healthcare products and services to Kuwait and the region. We have to dedicate our success to our principle brands who have given us the opportunity to flourish and strengthen YIACO’s position in the healthcare industry in Kuwait. Together with the joint efforts and trust from our partners and stakeholders, YIACO has become the undisputed leader and a name to be reckoned with for providing quality healthcare services.

We also take pride in being trusted by our stakeholders who believe in our vision and mission of upholding the community’s well-being through our network of services. Therefore, YIACO Medical Company is committed to maintaining high standards of corporate governance and business integrity. The company has established a reputation for abiding by business ethics and continually takes steps to reinforce its commitment. We ensure that our business is conducted with adherence to sound principles of corporate governance, which best safeguards the interest of the company and all its stakeholders thereby maintaining YIACO’s reputation and upholding stakeholder confidence. We constantly strive to ensure that our practice follows accountability, integrity, justice and transparency.

On the way forward, we seek to maintain our leading position in the healthcare industry in Kuwait while being the landmark of all regional healthcare business relations. This will be achieved through our mission to maximize our reach to the community, partners, and stakeholders by providing innovative solutions and services that consistently meet their expectations.

Dr. Arshid A Z M Al Houri