Medical, Scientific, and Dental


MSDD at YIACO Medical Co. is one of the leading Health Care suppliers acting as a sole agent for many multinational medical, dental, imaging and scientific research based manufacturers.


Our field of business includes marketing of Hospital equipment, Laboratory, Scientific equipment, Dental equipment and material.


MSDD at YIACO is one of the major suppliers for the MOH, MOD, Private Institutes, Private Hospitals, University, Research Institutes and Pharmacies.


Our mission is to provide an unparalleled level of services to our customers both in the healthcare sector and scientific sectors where we serve the hands that cure. Our mission is well carried and implemented by qualified and trained team work of Sales & Service engineers that assure the after sales services as well as the implementation of the best levels of service and maintenance for the installed equipment in the market.


Our goals include securing and establishing YIACO as the strongest business partner in Medical equipment, dental, scientific, hospital products and home healthcare while offering the highest quality and latest technology at good prices thereby ensuring a high market share in the country.


A)     Medical Projects Section

The main mission of Medical Projects Section is: “To provide state of the art services to the medical community, researchers and other valued customers”. The activities and services of the Medical Projects Section is to cater to various customers such as; MOH / MOD / Kuwait University & Private Sector tenders. It also handles Turnkey Projects for both sectors MOH and Private of the whole Business Area.


  • Infusion Pump, Syringe Pumps, Monitoring systems.

  • Surgical, Orthopedic Instruments & Implants, ENT Instruments.

  • Dermatology Laser.

  • Ophthalmology Ophthalmic Units, Instruments & Retinal Camera.

  • ECG & Stress Systems.

  • Ambulatory NIBP Kit, World Holter Kit.

  • Decompression Systems and other Spine Systems.

  • Defibrillators.

  • Endoscopes (Flexible)

B)      Scientific Section

Scientific Lines of business of YIACO was established over 30 years back to cater to the demand of the growing communities needs in the field of Scientific, Education, Research, Quality Control and Environmental fields of work. YIACO Scientific Section covers the following specialized areas:

  • Weighing Technology

  • Lab Equipment

  • Reference Laboratory

C)      Dental Section

The section was established in the 1960’s to meet the growing needs of dental clinics, dentists their patients in Kuwait. In time, the section was able to devise distribution and maintenance channels as well as a professional training program for dentists on a broad range of modern dental units, including laboratory machinery and equipment. This enabled a complete turn-key operation of dental facilities in the country.

Specialized Areas:

The Section covers the following specialized areas:

  • Dental Units

  • Mobile Dental Units

  • X-Ray Machines

  • Dental Office Management Software

  • Clinical Equipment

  • Dental Materials

  • Laboratory Dental Material

  • Orthodontic Medical Instruments

  • Dental Hand Instruments

  • Tooth Brushes & Tooth Paste

  • Dental Compressors & Suctions

  • Dental Laboratory Machines & Furniture

  • Dental Imagery

  • Dental Clinic Cabinetry

  • Dental Anesthesia

  • Implantology

  • Root Canal Materials & Instruments

  • Dental Autoclaves

Furthermore, the Dental Section offers its service to the following customers:

  • The Ministry of Health

  • The ministry of Defense

  • The Ministry of Interior

  • School Health Programs

  • Kuwait Oil Company

  • Private Specialized Dental Centers

D)     Imaging Section

Imaging Section was established to provide world class equipment to the customers in the Healthcare market in Kuwait. YIACO represents internationally reputed brands such as Netherlands and Agfa Gevaert Belgium.

Imaging Section is committed to catering to its customers in the Ministry of Health, Military Hospital, KOC Hospital, Private Hospitals & Clinics.


E)      Hospital & Patient Care Section

As per the latest studies the geriatric population in Kuwait is increasing in comparison to the youth population which created the demand for a highly specialized market in order to improve their quality of life.

Under this section the following lines are represented:

  • Hospital Furniture

  • Physiotherapy Equipment

  • Rehabilitation Products

  • Home Health Care Products

  • Sports Medicine

  • Diagnostics & Evaluation Products

  • Respiratory Products

  • Customized prescribed wheelchairs, seating and positioning

  • Adult rehabilitations

  • Manikins & simulator products

  • Sport injuries

  • Retail showrooms for Medical Equipements from A-Z

YIACO Medical deals with the following institutions & private sectors.

  • MOH

  • Public Authority for disabled

  • KOC

  • MOD

  • MOSA

  • MOI

  • Special Need schools

  • Kuwait Autism Center

  • Private clinics & Hospitals

F)      Key Accounts Section

In this section Key Accounts are handled on an exclusive basis, thereby offering our esteemed partners special consideration.