Pharma & Medical Division (PMD)

Pharma division is the main pillar of YIACO company. The Pharma division represents a large number of multinational research-based Pharmaceutical & Consumer Care companies, important Generic Pharmaceuticals and OTC Pharmaceutical manufacturers companies due to its strong team of highly experienced managers and staff. This has played a significant role in in the growth of its number of principals portfolios and most importantly the growth of those portfolios in the market. Their integration of internal support units for the registration, marketing sales and distribution of products. Our Pharma principals are main manufacturers and suppliers of cancer and blood diseases related products.

The Pharma & Medical Division is YIACO’s leading host of pharmaceutical & consumer care companies with a wide range of therapeutic product groups in Pharmaceutical, Consumer Healthcare, skincare. The division has an extremely efficient infrastructure for ethical promotion and strong marketing of the healthcare and OTC products including the ownership and management of a 22 retail chain pharmacies. Our major customers are MOH, MOD, Private Institutions, Private Hospitals, Mass Market, University & Research Institutions as well as Community Pharmacies.

Full coverage of Pharma operations chain from registration department to get marketing authorization from MOH then sales & marketing with very efficient logistics and distribution of our main principals:

  • Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd
  • OctaPharma
  • Trenka
  • Veriton Pharma
  • WOCKHARDT (CP Pharma)


OTC / Skincare Section:

Given the constant consumer need and therefore growth within the Skincare market, in addition to their skilled application of the marketing, sales distribution of these products, the OTC section has become a firm favorite for international principals attempting to enter the Kuwait market. Their focused strategy within pharmacies, spas and dermatology clinics have made them a key partner in the commercialization of international brands with their customers and the end users. Our main principals in this section are:

  • Louis Widmer
  • CryoConcepts (Orasure Technologies)
  • PureEssentiel
  • C Nutritional

Business Development Section:

Business development section is considered as a core section as well as an integrated strategy for the entire division. Given the current market leadership of the Pharma & Medical Division within the Kuwait market, and the long-term corporate goals and objectives for the division, the business development section is constantly engaged in the development of strategic growth opportunities.

Medical Equipment & Consumable Section:

Medical equipment & Consumable Section at Yiaco is one of the leading health care suppliers acting as sole agent for many multinational medical Manufacturers. Our field of business includes marketing of medical disposables, Medical Equipment, Laboratory Equipment and Hospital Furniture.

Medical equipment & Consumable Section at Yiaco is one of the major suppliers for the MOH, MOD, Private Hospitals and Medical Centres, Poly Clinics, University, Research Institutes and Pharmacies. Engineers that assure the after sales service as well as the implementation of the best levels of service and maintenance for the installed equipment in the market.

Our goal includes securing and establishing Yiaco as the strongest business partner in Medical Equipment, Medical Consumables and hospital products while offering the highest quality and latest technology at good prices thereby ensuring a high market share in the country.

Medical Disposable:

We offer an extensive range of medical disposable and consumable items through our partnerships with leading manufacturers from all around the globe. We have a variety of disposables such as all Sterilisation items, Gloves, Syringes, Gauze Swabs, all types of Masks, Gowns, Bandages, Needles, etc.

Medical Equipment:

Our Medical Equipment Division developed a unique way of promoting quality instruments and equipment to ensure client satisfaction. We are representing leading multinational manufacturer for medical equipment and instruments.


Our strategy is one that focuses on growth. At the top, we’re looking at top market alignment. We’ve targeted acquisitions who are considered as players in the high-quality product.

Major Customers:

  • Ministry of Health (MOH)
  • Kuwait Oil Company
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Kuwait University
  • Kuwait National Petroleum Company
  • Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research
  • Private hospitals & Medical Centres
  • Polyclinics
  • Retail Pharmacies

Main Partners:

  • stericlin
  • K Laser
  • Mercator
  • Geratherm
  • APEX
  • Dr Frei
  • Narang Medical