YIACO Retail Pharmacies Group

  • YIACO Pharmacies Group is one of the highest percentages of Retail Pharmacies in Kuwait, which provide a very wide selection of the highest quality and most advanced pharmaceuticals.
  • YIACO Pharmacies Group is a chain of more than 20 Pharmacies to serve a wide variety of customers.
  • YIACO Pharmacies Group has diversity in pharmacies which include Community pharmacies, Clinics pharmacies, Malls pharmacies, and Co-operation Societies pharmacies.

Our Competitive Advantages

  • YIACO Pharmacies Group adheres to and works under ethical standards of community requirements.
  • The biggest evidence of this appeared during Covid-19 crisis, especially during the full closure period when YIACO pharmacies faced many challenges despite our commitment to all governmental instructions to provide medicines and medical supplies at the legal price of the Ministry of Health in addition to delivering them to customers for free under the praise of the Kuwaiti media at that time.
  • Our professional pharmacists’ team has been trained to provide information on prescribed medicines to manage minor symptoms. They can recommend non-prescribed medicines and explain the side effects or possible allergic reactions of certain medications.

They can also advise on the best way to store medications to guarantee their efficacy and to keep you safe.

  • YIACO Pharmacies Group owns the most important psychiatric clinics’ pharmacies that provide services to psychiatric patients by dispensing their medications with efficiency and control patterns.
  • YIACO pharmacies Group is a partner with the leading local and international insurance companies which allow customers to dispense prescriptions in an efficient way that satisfies them.
  • YIACO pharmacies Group is committed to all stakeholders for moral and financial rights (financial stability) and to creating a stable work environment, whether for suppliers or employees.

YIACO Pharmacies Expansion Strategy

  • We are continuing to invest in growing our network to help more patients, customers, and partners in Kuwait, thereby strengthening our presence and pioneering as the go-to resource for all health products and services within our mandate.
  • Currently, we are planning to acquire prime locations through the acquisition of existing pharmacies in the market or through opening new pharmacies in other prime locations.